Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Women of DC Wednesday- Huntress

Hello Batmaniacs!! Welcome back to Women of DC. Poison Quinn here with our lucky lady for today. This sultry lady is one of my personal favorites. I present to you, Helena Bertinelli.....

Real Name: Helena Rosa Bertinelli
Current Alias: The Huntress
Birth Place: Gotham City
Gender: Female
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 130 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black

Abilities: Master Martial Artist (Dragon Style Kung Fu), Master Archer (Seen splitting a bullet sized mini-rocket in mid air), Expert Detective
Weapons: Crossbow, knife, twin-pistols, metallic staff
Transportation: Motorcycle

Known as the daughter of Maria Panessa Bertinelli and Gotham Mafia Boss, Franco Bertinelli Helena is known as the Huntress. Helena’s mother, Maria, was the victim of harsh abuse from her husband Franco which led to her affair with Santo Cassamento. Maria became pregnant after the affair, with Franco’s knowing that the child was not his, he still continued to beat Maria. Nine Months later she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl whom she named Helena Rosa. Up until Helena was eight years old, she grew up in a mafia household unaware of the criminal dealings that took place.

On her eighth year of life, a man barged into their home shooting Maria, Franco and Pino Bertinelli, instantly killing them. The hit came from Mandragora which Helena’s biological father passed the order along with the modification that “the Sister” be spared. “The Sister” referred to Maria, but the gunman confused Maria with Helena, sparing Helena’s life.

After the tragic deaths of her family, Helena was placed under the care of her Uncle Tomasso’s nephew, Salvator Asaro. She was then taken back to Sicily, where she was to be kept away, safe. While in Sicily Helena picked up the skills of the crossbow due to the training from her cousin. She was told that she could be the only one to put an end to those who murdered her family. Helena trained and practiced with weapons (Crossbow) and hand to hand combat until she was fifteen years old. The Italian government started to crackdown on Mafia families, Helena was then sent to Switzerland for boarding school to stay protected.

It was brought to light after she arrived in Swizerland that everything she had been told was a lie about the Mafia. Realizing that the Mafia was a force of corruption and evil lead by her own family she returned to Gotham, at the age of 16. At a Christmas party hosted by her family, she would catch her first glimpse of the caped crusader, Batman. Batman had crashed the party frightening her family and fought with them, giving her a realization she could fight them too.
Helena returned to Swizerland and prepared herself for her revenge on the Mafia. After college she returned to Gotham in pursuit of vengeance as the Huntress. Huntress ended the lives of Mandragora and the assassin who murdered her family.

A murder case of a police officer with connections to the Mafia resulted in a brief but, romantic relationship with Nightwing. The Huntress made an appearance in “No Man’s Lands” where later joker attacked her, shooting her five times leading to her making a full recovery, earning Batman’s respect. Batman later funded Helena for a new uniform and new bike. Returning the favor, Huntress saved Batman’s life when he took a fall in Crime Alley.

Appearing in Hush, where she was drugged by Scarecrow where she attacked Catwoman who she perceived as her “old” self. Helena made a full recovery with the help of Batman and soon allied with Oracle and Black Canary fighting crime in both Gotham and Metropolis as an official member of the Birds of Prey.

Once again one of my favorite Women in DC. She doesn't take any mess.

Until next time adios. :)

--Poison Quinn


  1. Very nice. I enjoy reading these features ;)

  2. So Do I, I didnt know ALOT of that stuff about Helena Bertelli...Nice Job A+

  3. Awww thanks guys. I feel SOMEbody reads my hard work lol.

  4. More extensive Huntress information is always needed, she's too underrated. Thanks!