Thursday, July 9, 2009

With the flip of a Coin

Heads I do Two-Face as the villain staring today, Tails I make it Catman...Ta-Heads. Heads it is so I am going to do a not so-lengthy summary on Two-Face, with two pairs of paragraphs. Ever think Two-Face's favorite day of the week is Tuesday? Back to that review.

Ex-politician, current don. Two-Face was a politician who was scarred at a trial when some thug threw some acid on Harvey. His whole left body was scarred with the acid causing him to go through a mental breakdown. He felt he had the power to control Gotham, and indeed he did. Now my favorite instince of this was in Two-Face: Year One he appears in a bank and crushes Penny Plunderer with a giant penny. And makes a getaway. And then he proceeds to future goals and everntually kills the man that was running against him for District Attorney.

Anyways, Two-Face is best known as one of the don's of Gotham. Consisting of Penguin, Two-Face, and Black Mask at the moment. Now Two-Face has always mad decisions with a coin and always does things in pairs. Now he usually has a gun with two bullets in it, but on occasion it differs to a Tommy Gun or two pistols. He's a dangerous gunlsinger, nothing less, but a whole lot more.

Two-Face first appeared in 1942, where he was a lot more like Penguin with stealing a pair of thigns while Penguin stole bird-related items. But he has progressed to become a mob boss and one of Batman's most dangerous foes. And not to mention he is Nightwing's arch nemisis. No doubt this character will get better with Dick being Batman, but Penguin and Two-Face aren't fairing so well against Black Mask's gang, but that's for another day.


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