Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hey Batmania Readers

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Batman Road To Arkham Download

Hey guys, Jason Todd here, for those who didn't get the Batman Arkham Asylum game via someone uploaded scans for us, so you can download it below, remember it was brought to you by Batmania Reviews, so show us some friggin love lol. Download it below, Hope you enjoy it.

Road To Arkham

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Batgirl Vol. 3 #1

Good evening my wonderful blog readers. Poison Quinn here to bring you a wonderful review for the new Batgirl comic that has dropped this week. So, I'm a day late and a dollar go on sue me! :)

I wasn't one to follow up on the Batgirl Comics, BUT, since they're starting a new Volume, I figure what the heck? Why not start now. This was definitely a good start to this new series that caused me wanting more after I finished the issue. So, enough of me babbling on with the review.

The issue starts out with some minor trouble makers having a street race in the streets of Gotham City. The usual trash talking is tossed between both men in their cars and the race beginning with the drop of the flag. Here we get a glance at Batgirl making her appearance to bring this deadly race to a halt. We immediately get pulled into some action with Batgirl using her gadgets to stop the race leaving everyone safe and unharmed. Of course this leads to some misunderstanding of who truly won the race and Batgirl stepping in between the two, one pulling out a gun and her quickly disarming the trouble maker.

We see Batman and Robin over looking the scene getting a look at the new Batgirl in action. Soon after, she is revealed to be......Stephanie Brown. Now the only Batgirl I've really read about is Barbara Gordon, so seeing this new chick kind of made me iffy about if she can do the job, right. Let's just say she changed my mind by the time I finished the issue.

We are taken into a flashback of earlier that day with Stephanie awakening to her mother and what look like some cookie shaped waffles, lol. We get a hint at how old Ms. Stephanie is, a freshman in college attending Gotham University. Stephanie and her mother have a converstaion about her living a "normal life" giving info that her mother knows about her nightly duty of protecting Gotham. After their converstation we get a look-see on what Barbara Gordon is doing. Here we see Barbara having a conversation with Dr. Leslie Thompkins, as many of you may know is Batman's personal physician. From the vibe I was getting....seems to me Barbara was avoiding Dr. Leslie but, still made an effort to visit. There conversation involves trying to figure out why Barbara has been MIA along with Barbara's concern with Dr. Leslie's new patient, former teen titan Wendy Harris. Barbara clearly shows she has no further interest in conversation with Dr. Leslie and leaves after small talk with her. Next we see Barbara on a subway train where three fellas looking for trouble enter the scene, not worried, Barbara quickly takes care of them.

Now to the good stuff, as we continue to read folks, Stephanie is in class, of course her mind being else where, to a flashback three weeks previous to now. Spoiler and Batgirl are teaming up to give a few knuckle heads a butt whooping and what the two are talking about. After their battle we see the two of them talking, of course seeing Stephanie is spoiler and Cassandra as Batgirl. Cassandra pretty much gives up the role of batgirl, tired of fighting for Batman. Stephanie only stands there confused as to what to think of the situation, Cassadra is taking off the Batgirl suit and tells Stephanie the fight is hers. And here ladies and gentlemen we are presented with who the new Batgirl is, Stephanie Brown.

Presently, Stephanie is quickly awaken from her little nap at the end of her class and we zoom right into Barbara and Commisioner Gordon having a little luncheon together. Gordon is showing concern for his daughter and her mood as of lately. Thinking that not having a man is the problem he hints at a single guy that works at the precinct. They go back and forth of the situation of whether or not Barbara is really happy.

By this point...I'm on the edge of my sit with so many thoughts running through my head on this new Batgirl as well as Barbara. We transition into Stephanie back in her room listening to the police radio for any crimes she can help stop. Suddenly the Bat signal is glowing in the air, and of course, Stephanie suits up and goes to help out with a situation where more folks look for trouble are holding someone, whats looks to be a detective, at gun point. Batgirl swoops in and gets a battle going on with the criminals defeating them and helping the detective escape. Doing her job, she in and out of there and back home. The next morning Stephanie is preparing for her day with a nice hot shower and getting dressed and heading downstairs. Once in the kitchen, she is not faced with her mother, but, Barbara Gordon ready to have a little word with Stephanie.

And that is where we are left grasping for MORE. At least I am, lol. I found this issue to be a good paced opener to the new series. I liked the art and story was pretty good and steady paced. However, I felt there was so many things going on at once, not that it was confusing, but quite a few trips to flashbacks just to see what was going on leading up to Stephanie walking into the kitchen to see Barbara sitting there. This defintely left me wanting to read more, I'll be awaiting issue #2. I am going to give this issue a 7.5/10. As action packed as it was....I felt there was still something missing.

Thanks for joining in for my first review of Batgirl. Catch you all next time.

-Poison Quinn

Superman Vs. Supermen (Blackest Night - Superman #1)

Hey guys, Jason Todd here with your continuation of Blackest Night Coverage. This week marks the beginning of Blackest Night Superman, and based on what issue you have, you may have the Variant cover listed above, which I used the picture of because it looks SO bad ass, I couldn't help it. So, before jumping right into things, I'm gonna go right ahead and say, I didn't used to be a big Superman fan but JLA/JLU and Superman/Batman comics changed that, either way I haven't been following the New Krypton series, but basically from my understanding, Planet Krypton is back with a bunch of Kryptonians and Earth isn't taking too kind to them. Either way, this is mentioned in BN Superman.

Our story starts off with the grave of Kal-L, Earth-Two's Superman, being resurrected from the dead like all the other Black Lanterns we've seen so far. Then we see the residents of what may be the most boring town on the place of the Earth, Smallville. Even they complain on the boring lives they live and how nothing ever happens. We see from the point of view of a Black Lantern for the first time, and we see that they see people based on emotion, and the colors correspond with the Lantern Corp of that emotion. Fear for example is yellow like the Sinestro Corps, Rage shows as Red, like the Red Lantern Corps, and Will of course is Green, like the Green Lantern Corps. It appears as if Black Lantern Superman is feeding off of the fear of these people in the city when he shows up, as each time his power level rises.

We then join the Kents, "Ma" Kent, Clark "Superman" Kent, and the recently resurrected Connor "Superboy" Kent. Their discussing the recent New Krypton news and the dinner their having in memory of the late "Pa" Kent. Then, The Kent boys and Krypto the dog hear something in town, so Clark and Conner go to check it out. They find the Black Lantern Superman resurrected and has dug up the grave of Pa Kent, and is intent on bringing him back as a Black Lantern.

Now as you guys know, I hate ruining the story, so I won't but I will say that I Loved the fact that Lanterns can see in emotion. That is what put this story into overdrive for me, the art was wonderful and the story is very very well written. As someone who hasn't been a fan of Superman for a longtime I was a bit weary about doing this review but the story sucked me in and I honestly don't know if Im more anxious for Blackest Night Superman #2 or Blackest Night Batman #2.

Now Superman isn't the only Black Lantern in this issue but I'll leave the surprise to you guys. But, Like I said earlier, The Art is excellent, the story is quite good, one of the Black Lanterns showing up kinds killed the momentum for me, I won't say which one, but that coupled with the fact that the story seemed so short, right when I was really getting into it, It just ended. It did leave me waning more so that was a big bonus. If you're following Blackest Night, it's definitely worth it to invest in one of the flagship heroes of DC, and check out Blackest Night Superman. Besides the momentum being slown down by the arrival of one of the Lanterns the story was great, the artwork was so detailed that this may be one of my favorite Tie-In's if not my current favorite. Thats why I give Blackest Night - Superman a solid 9/10.

See you guys next week when I continue my Blackest Night Coverage with Blackest Night Titans and Green Lantern #46.

- Jason Todd

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Killer Croc

Welcome my devoted readers!!! Today we're going to go over a mean and green villain that you'll get a chance to see in Batman: Arkham Asylum. *By the way, ONE WEEK LEFT!!!!*

Now let's take a look at Killer Croc.

Real Name: Waylon Jones
Alias: Killer Croc
Gender: Male
Height: 7'5"
Weight: 686 lbs.
Skin: Green and Scaly

Powers: Killer Croc possesses super strength, along with superhuman regenerative powers, abilities to heal lost limbs. Croc's skin has hardened to the point where it is invulnerable to most forms of abrasion.

Abilities: Street fighting, wrestling

Strength Level: Superhuman

Waylon Jones, a.k.a Killer Croc is what I call an inhumane criminal and nemesis of Batman. He was born with a medical condition that caused him to grow progressively more like a crocodile, hence the name Croc. Croc became an orphan due to his mother dying in childbirth and his father abandoning him. Soon he was then taken in by his aunt , although she was an alcoholic, he made the situation work. Croc was drawn into being made fun of as a teenager since he had no friends. Having such a hard teenage life, once he reached adulthood, he found a job wrestling alligators. This point in his life he began referring to himself as Killer Croc. He was beginning to see his strength level progressing at a great rate, beyond that of a normal human.

Realizing wrestling alligators wasn't bringing in enough money, he turned to crime, setting out to become Gotham's most powerful underground figure. One of his most significant crimes was him murdering Joseph and Trina Todd, the parents of Jason Todd. Killer Croc's crimes led him to conflict with Gotham's night guardian, Batman. Croc and Batman battled it out resulting in Croc being taken to Arkham Asylum where he recieved electroshock therapy.

Killer Croc was broken out of Arkham thanks to Ra's al Ghul plan of freeing all the patients of Arkham. As favor for freeing them, many of the patients agreed to help bring down Batman. Croc's part in this plan was to break into Wayne Manor and kidnap Alfred. Not knowing the connections Alfred had to Batman, he still brought him to Poison Ivy's Exotica Emporium, where four others were hostages. Of course, Batman soon arrived to rescue the hostages and had another battle out with Croc. Once again defeating him by subduing him with a gas pellet and returning him to Arkham Asylum.

Killer Croc eventually escaped from Arkham and began running the criminal life again. After robbing a shopping store, Croc came across a secret stairwell that led to an unfinished subterranean highway. The tunnel was shelter to many homeless people, which Killer Croc befriended them and wanted to start a new lifestyle. Happy here, this would all come to an end once Batman investigated the store robbery, tracks leading to Killer Croc's new shelter. Here they battle it out once again only to be disrupted by water being flushed into the tunnels from the river where Croc was washed away. Many of the friends he made thought he was washed away and died, BUT, Croc took shelter in the alleyways of Gotham City. Killer Croc has made his presence in Gotham City being heavily involved in the crimes of Gotham as well.

Killer Croc is one disturbed and cruel individual who seems to feed off of not only some of his victims, but crime as well. I can't wait to see his role in Arkham, I've seen the trailers and the pictures.....time can't go by fast enough for me.

Until tomorrow my good people.

--Poison Quinn

Monday, August 17, 2009

Blackest Night: Batman #1

Hey guys, I'm back again, I've been having computer trouble so bare with me, either way,I'm here to jump right into Blackest Night: Batman #1. As you all know I've been the Batmania correspondant I guess you could say for The Blackest Night, and I've also decided to take on the duties of Blackest Night Batman & Superman series. So without further adieu, Lets get into Blackest Night: Batman.

Blackest Night: Batman starts off with the Dark Knight and the Boy Wonder at the graves of Thomas and Martha Wayne, and the unmarked grave of former Batman, Bruce Wayne. After Bruce's body was stolen, Alfred was the first to find out, which explains why our newest Dynamic Duo is here. Here we see a rare moment between Batman and Robin, for one of the first times ever we see Damien as vulnerable, emotional and probably afraid, it's not too often I even care about Damien personally so Kudos to the writer, Peter Tomasi.

After gathering the bodies of the Wayne's, we see Deadman a.k.a. Boston Brand watch as his body leaves its grave as a Black Lantern while he can do nothing to stop it. Also en route to the newest JLA... morgue I guess, where the bodies of villains are being held, we see a flurry of Black Lantern rings, going through police officers to their newest owners, including former Batman villains Magpie, KGBeast, Blockbuster and even former Ventriloquist Arnold Wesker.

Later on, Boston Brand decides he needs help and runs to Bruce Wayne, only he doesn't know that Bruce is no longer in the Batsuit so he's shocked to find out he just possessed Dick Grayson. Afterwards he possesses Damien as well, I felt this scene didnt really push anything forward...It just bored me for some reason. I won't ruin the story, but I will say, I loved the Broken Batsignal, because it was a Nod to Blackest Night #2. As well as the appearance by Red Robin I'll say Batman is in for a hell of a time, and Blackest Night was a good start. With Wonderful art work and a well written story, I give Blackest Night: Batman a 8/10

- Jason Todd

Comic Review: Batman #689

Well here we are with Batman #689. What did I think? Do you care? Why was there a Batman: Arkham Asylum ad in my Spider-Man comic? All of these questions (not actually all of them) and more will be answered in my review.

Our story opens with Batman's raid on Penguin's 522 Club. It's a place for the who's who of the Gotham Underworld to party like they do in Vegas. Dick feels the need to narrate to himself everything that he does differently than Bruce during this sequence, which I wasn't too keen on. Still, I like seeing the different approach that Dick takes and what he get's out of it. I just hope it doesn't continue to be hammered into us as seems to be the trend with the recent flood of Batman titles.

We jump to Two-Face for a bit and see that he is still thrilled about the "new" Batman. He obviously has something planned, and am sure that it leads to the confrontation that was seen in the previous issue. While we don't really get any light shed on this, we do see that he still plans on screwing with Penguin's own plans. Back at the "Batcave" we see some pleasant conversation between Dick and Alfred. Things are getting better for the two as Alfred is somewhat eased knowing that Dick is at times, enjoying the business. Something "Master Bruce" couldn't seem to do very often.

Penguin on the other hand is not enjoying his work at the moment. Due to Two-Face's works, Batman is closing in on him. But we see that as any worthy villain, he has a plan of his own. All thanks to the mysterious masked figure. Who is this new threat? I'm sure we will find out soon enough, but we do know that his "provisions" will cause our Caped Crusader some major headaches.

We cut back to Batmobile in the city. It seems that Dick is running some tests with the vehicle when he comes across a large fire. He uses a foam projectile to put out the fire (very similar to the gun he used in Streets of Gotham.) But this is the least of his worries as a very familiar face shows up to be the cause of this mayhem. Interesting indeed.

Overall, the story didn't have anything major happening, but it was a solid, enjoyable read this month. Sometimes, that's all you need. The art was well done, though a bit too"'cartoony" at times, but Bagley still managed to capture a good balance of the action and story portions. I also, wanted to at least see some mention of how Dick came to be beaten in the Batcave. As I mentioned though, it will most likely be answered soon enough and may just flow better overall when you read the issues in succession.

Final Score: 8/10