Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I can hear the sirens oh no!

Killer Croc is back in action, sorry for the delay, hectic week and thensome. Anyways I am reviewing Gotham Sirens by Paul Dini and Guillem March. I am a huge fan or March's artisery or whatever. He's an awesome artist. He got this gig because DC comics was impressed on how well he drew women in Joker's Asylum: Posion Ivy, so they made him the artist on this. Now I go on to the review...

The star of the first issue more or less is Catwoman. We all know she's a hero because she switched sides after Bruce died. But, Catwoman has tried before and we don't know what she will do. First minute into reading this I was hooked. So it starts out with Catwoman coming to the aid of a innocent in distress, by some loser villain who wantd a title. This guy has some cool gauntlets that blasts you bones with a shockwave. Talk about a punch. This comic as well catches you up to speed on what happened with Catwoman and her rivalry with Hush. Very well done. I haven't been reading comics frequently until two years ago so it was a nice catch up. Now, Catwoman looks like she will die while this dreamer thinks he can kill her and gain a title, as we know...legends don't die.

Posion Ivy comes in and saves our heroine, and gets some questions running through her head. Now in BftC: Underground we saw that Harley Quinn was searching for Posion Ivy because of Black Mask kidnapping a way. So apparently Edward Nigman aka Riddler switched sides as well and helped our green friend out. I won't give any more detail than that for it. Except I can say that our three bad girls of Gotham, Catwoman, Posion Ivy, and Harley Quinn form an alliance in the end.

The art and story for this comic book was astounding. Most first issues are about introductions and no action but this comic book has it all. I was not disappointed in the least. I am eager for the next issue so much. As I said before I am a fan of March's art and this was like reading a bible for me. Excellent story, excellent art, and the best characters in Gotham, what more do you want? Best comic for the new Batman series.

On a readers note: There was a little something leading to this comic in Streets of Gotham, not much to effect the story, but it leads to the starting point.

Haven't read a comic this great since Hush #1


-Killer Croc


  1. Nice review. I just finished reading this comic and, even as a huge fan of the three, especially Harley...I felt something was missing. I know its the first issue, but it was lacking some good ol' DC action. lol...the lame bad ass wannabe in the beginning bored me with his tactic of trying to get a name for himself.

    The artwork was really good, one of the main things that kept me interested. I like the idea of these three teaming up.

    10/10? meeeh iono...maybe a 7 or 8.

    Can't wait for the second issue. :)

    --Poison Quinn

  2. Out of all the recent first issues? It still deserves a 10.

  3. ya it definitely deserves a 10 rating. For a first issue it was amazing! I can't wait for the next!