Saturday, July 4, 2009

Villainous Friday! Calender Man invades Batmania!

I held off on Villainous Friday for this special day for a specific reason. It's a holiday for the US and what better way to celebrate it than doing a summary on the man of the dates? Calender Man.

Calender Man has a special lore to striking on holidays and usually the crimes related to those holidays. He also usually has a special costume for each holiday that he strikes but has a special generic costume seen above that he just wears when he is associated without a holiday to strike on.

Calender Man is usually described as a third-grade villain, which isn't a shocker. This dude isn't a Lex Luthor. He just attempts at first-grade crimes and usually fails. Although he has helped Batman in The Long Halloween catching a villain named 'Holiday' who uses the same patterns as him. But I wouldn't call it helping. He did know who Holiday was, but he wanted to mess with Batman so he left clues for Batman to solve this spree. I don't know how it ends thougth, maybe Jason will do a review of that for you guys soon. Now I see Holiday as a rip-off of Calender Man seeing as he came first, but people want the stronger, but I want the best, which is the man in orange.

Now Joker would be hard to put everything you know about him into a summary (see Villainous Fridays Begin!), he has been in a lot of groups, lots of crimes, and lots of danger. Now Calender Man I can go into more detail with. Calender Man was associated with one group of villains names "The Misfits". That was consisting of Calender Man, Catman, and the founder Killer Moth. Well, these guys wanted to earn there stripes, but I remember them failing a lot. Now we all know that Killer Moth became Charaxes, and Catman became well...better. But sadly Calender Man is left as being the saddest villains compared to the rest.

This villain fails a lot, but he wants you to know about him, that's part of his invasion. Someday Calender Man will earn his stripes...hopefully. But until then all we can do is treasure him as a classic Batman villain.


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