Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Treacherous Tuesdays

Hello world and welcome to Batmania Reviews. This is Poison Quinn here to notify you guys of a small eviction and new location!

Villainous Fridays is being remolded, revamped and taken over by, yes me, Poison Quinn.:-) It will now take place on what I would like to call, "Treacherous Tuesdays", done by me :-). Here I will take you on an in depth look at some of Gotham City's most cruel, sinful and unforgiving

Not only will I cover Gotham, but I will also shine light on some of DC Universes heinous and vile villains as well.

So, without further ado I present to you Mr. Born on a Monday.
Christened on a Tuesday.......

Solomon Grundy

Real Na
me: Cyrus Gold
Current Alias: Solomon Grundy
Birth Place: Gotham City
Gender: Male
Height: 9’
Weight: 971
Eyes: Black
Hair: White

Powers: Superhuman Strength, Superhuman stamina, Mystical invulnerability, Ability to absorb energy and manipulate it.

It is said that Cyrus Gold was born around the early to mid 19th century. Although depending on who you ask or what you read, his birth can differ a little bit, BUT, we’ll just go with the early-mid 19th century. There are a number of ways for how Cyrus Gold became Solomon Grundy.

In one origin, he was a wealthy merchant named Cyrus Gold, of course, who was murdered and had his body disposed in Slaughter Swamp. Fifty years later, he was resurrected super-naturally with some of his body parts composed of parts from the swamp.

Another origin, one I find wild, happens in 1895. Gold was murdered by a pimp after one of his prostitutes tried to pin and blackmail him with being the father of her unborn child. When Gold refused to pay up, he was then knocked unconscious (Can we say pimp smacked? Lol) and buried in Slaughter Swamp. Over the next fifty years his body interacted with the swamp and its compounds and he was resurrected into Solomon Grundy.

Being introduced to the comic world in 1944, Grundy appeared as a huge shambled man with not much memory of his past life. Once he was resurrected, Grundy murdered two escaped criminals, stealing their clothes and taking shelter at a hobo camp.

Grundy was asked what his name was when he arrived but was only able to mumble, “Born on a Monday”. One of the men at the camp recited the old nursery rhyme that included Solomon Grundy and this would be the name and identity Gold adopted.

Being the vicious and strong monster he was, Solomon fell into the life of crime. This only led him to his many clashes with heroes including Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, the JSA and JLA. Although Grundy is said to haunt Gotham’s sewers that hasn’t kept him from starting trouble in other places. Grundy made an appearance in “The Long Halloween” where he befriended Harvey Dent as he was transitioning to Two Face. But you’ll have to read it to get all the goods on that back story.

Despite his many defeats, Solomon Grundy, resurrects in new incarnations varying in levels of strength and intelligence. Although for the most part he’s evil a few times his reincarnations have brought him back as a heroic individual, he always seems to get defeated either way.

So who’s to say when Grundy will be back? We’ll have to keep our eyes and mind at alert when reading.

Born on a Monday. Christened on Tuesday. Married on Wednesday. Took ill on Thursday. Worse on Friday. Died on Saturday. Buried on Sunday.

Is that the end of Solomon Grundy?

See ya’ll next week.

--Poison Quinn

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