Thursday, June 18, 2009

Welcome To Batmania Reviews!

Hey guys, welcome to BatMania Reviews, your stop for reviews Batman & The DC Universe.

The Brain-product of Jesse, Logan & Jeff, better known as Batman Arkham Asylum forum members Amputechture, Killer Croc & Jason Todd.

In the coming weeks we'll be reviewing whatever Batman comics drop including Batman & Robin, Red Robin, Gotham City Sirens and more.

We'll also be discussing the history of Batman gaming, Having discussion panels on hot topics that revolve around Batman, allowing a lucky reader to be guest columnist of the week, having exclusive interviews and of course contests where you can win Batman memorabilia. So sit back and enjoy BatMania Reviews!

*Revision* - Current Weekly Schedule as Follows - (Subject to Change)

Mondays/Tuesdays - Graphic Novel Reviews
Wednesdays - Weekly Comic Reviews
Thursdays - The History Of Batman In Gaming
Fridays - Villainous Friday's
Saturdays - TBA
Sundays - Original vs. Modern Batman

- Jason Todd


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  2. And the newest addition to the team, me, Killer Croc the reviewer of comics. Call me god if you wish. :D

  3. That is SO not getting edited into this post. HaHa

  4. Why not? I'm a god in my own mind why not others :p? Anyways can I at least me mentioned in the topic? I feel like a minor.

  5. Well that way. Excuse me while I go to my cardboard box and cry. I'm so underappreciated.

  6. HaHa, no I meant that we would reboot to include you...get over here ya' big Croc!

  7. Cool, but crap at the same time. There is a schedule. I have to get to work, later tonight. I'm more of a night person. Are crocodiles nocturnal? But yay, I am officially in the group!

  8. You're fine Croc, if its not done by Sunday oh well, We aren't demanding...because we aren't paying. lol

  9. Yeah... not paying...

    Little does he know I am getting paid.