Friday, June 26, 2009

Villainous Fridays Begin!

Hello ladies and gents, dudes and dudetts, Bobs and Marys! Well thanks to our own Amputechture I threw an idea and he said yes! Every week I will be featuring a villain and telling you a little bit about him/her. This week I am featuring the Clown Prince of Crime. That's right the one and only... Joker!

Joker is no doubt the Caped Crusader's deadliest foe. Batman and Joker go together like PB & J, Bananana and Split, Mr and Clean. Joker has always been everyone's favorite villain or at least near the top, I haven't met one person that hates Joker, and if you do...Killer Croc will find you...Killer Croc always does.

Joker has a wide aresnal of gadgets as Batman does but resembling a comical feel to it. Joker uses laughing gas the most. Some people don't consider this a gadget, but I do. He puts it in his sleeve and then when you swing, lights out. But that's not what else he uses it for, I remember he put Joker gas (or laughing gas) in cherry bombs and flung them around. I remember the cane most of all, he used to carry around a cane that shoots laughing gas out of the top, then he would swing at you, easy finish. He also has many other things through the years such as the Joybuzzer, the *BANG!* gun, his acid squirting flower, always had the knives in his shoe top, and many other variations that never made it into the comics via Mortal Kombat vs. DCU, or the upcoming Batman Arkham Asylum.

Joker has no pattern of attack or crimes, he just wants to have fun! That's all he does is kill people, steal, and make idle threats just for fun. My favorite interpretation of this was in the Batman The Animated Series, Joker tried to trademark fish because he filled Gotham Bay with laughing gas and the fish had a big Joker smile on their face.

Joker was introduced in Batman #1 (1940) as Batman's first nemisis. This title has held and will always hold no doubt. These two will be enemies forever.

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