Thursday, June 18, 2009

(Review by KC) Batman and Robin Numero Uno! (#1)

Hello everyday Batman blogger. I suggest leaving if you want a good comic JK! Today I am reviewing Batman and Robin: Reborn #1, by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely. Everybody knows what happened with Bruce and his "death". Every Batman fan has been wondering what's happened to Gotham if you haven't heard or read the Battle for the Cowl series. Well here's a short recap for you. Batman "died" and Gotham has become a living oven. There are criminals just running aroud stealing everything in broad daylight and the GCPD (Gotham City Police Department) is having problems with this, as there can only be so much of them in one place. Batman was Gotham's god in a sense, Gotham has become chaos. But shortly after Nightwing (Dick Grayson) came to his senses and knew somebody needed to be Batman. So he took over being the Caped Crusader with the smart-mouthed son of Bruce Wayne, Damian Wayne, as Robin. Now let's get back to that review...

Batman and Robin: Reborn is most surely nothing to sneeze at, if you do, you might want to see a doctor. When I was reading this it was true that I get the same feeling as I do with every other first issue as an introductory with no action. This truely was a introduction, but it introduced the characters astonishingly, the best I have seen in a long time kiddies. As well as some new villains to match our duo with an utmost creepyness against the dark and ghetto feel that the new duo have. We got introduced to a walking Toad, a man with a head on fire, and a guy wearing a pig's face as a mask (Leatherface?) Lots and lots of villains.

The introduction starts with some thugs and a guy that looks like a Toad, ironically called Toad, driving a getaway car. Of course the duo swoop in and stop the man or thing, get the info, and look into the bigger details as Batman and Robin do. This criminal has no records except that he is part of a European circus, Toad has mentioned the word Pyg a lot, mentioning the name of his employer as the clueless henchmen do. Now the story has the creepy characters, more or less Pyg himself, with distubing scenes showing his ways of getting what he wants.

No doubt I am eager to get my hands on the second issue. I don't want to reveal too much except we have another nutjob who wants an "Ideal world" as most do. But this villain is...just...creepy. Really hard to describe. The art, story, and structure of the comic was amazing for the first issue. Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely are the dynamic duo in my opinion, but you have to go with the guys with tights and cars. I would have perfered more action myself but this issue still delivers.

-Killer Croc


  1. This all sounds to good...I'm catching up on my batman comics slowly but surely.....I want to read "Batman Reborn" now. lol

    -Poison Quinn

  2. Another pleased fan, well first...but...never mind.

  3. I laugh at your corny jokes...good job Croc...

    I too want to read Batman and Robin: Reborn...

    Hey, that's not the title! HeHe

  4. Who needs proper titles? My corny jokes will make it in many reviews I can assure you that. ;)