Saturday, June 20, 2009

Out with the old in with the new.

Hello again KillerCroc reviews for a not so review. I was asked to compare the first apperance Batman to modern day Batman. I was assigned to this because I am probably the only dinosaur that has been reading Batman for a long time. Over 35 years, 35 years gone to waste JK. Okay, so the Batman I read was very how should I say very...kid friendly. He used to have a Bat-thing for everything, like Adam West. He did have catchphrases and said a lot more, eh, dorky things, like involving justice. Well, it was cool back then but if you listen to it now you have to laugh. All that justice stuff on the Brave and the Bold, yup, he used to talk like that in every issue. The modern day Batman is much more grittier and more of an adult-teen hero. True they make kid friendly versions, but the modern day one is just very adult. It's just an evolutionary stage that Batman went through.

There isn't much to compare. The modern day Batman is just an upgrade from the oldies Batman. I remember Batarangs used to just smack people in the head now they do that and more. He used to name everything with a Bat pronoun before it but now it's really simple. He just calls it what it is. Except the usual like Batarangs and Batmoblie. The oldies Batman is usually the butt of a joke nowadays, but he was cool, at least once upon a time he was.

The reason why I think Batman is better (eh, I suppose so) nowadays is because his villains evolved. Batman has always been about the villains. Now their schemes have evolved making the modern day Batman who he is. If they hadn't he would stil be saying "I'm married to justice" and actually care about Robin like he did back then, very creepy nowadays how it was back then. The oldies Batman and the modern Batman are just two peas in the same pod, just had different styles and has a bit of a difference. Some people say Batman evolved over the ages to make the two different from modern to oldies, but the credit has to go to the villains.

-KillerCroc (sorry for the lack of puns)

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