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Edward "The Riddler" Nashton

Hello bat world, Poison Quinn here to bring you you're weekly villain lesson. With Batman: Arkham Asylum finally being released to you gamers in 13 days, I thought over the next two weeks, I'd do some characters, that are in the game as well as playing a role in Batman comics. Get you even hyper for the game. :)So today's pick is The Riddler. So, sit back and enjoy this lovely article and fill your brain with knowledge. :D

Name: Edward Nashton
Aliases: The Riddler, Edward Nigma
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 183
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black

Abilities: Genius Level of Intelligence, Expert Detective
Powers: N/A

Edward Nashton was born into an abusive and broken home. His mother was absent and his father was very abusive. Edward started his riddling life at an early age. When he was in school, there was a puzzle contest being held and he was excited about actually winning. Showing signs of being obsessed with puzzles, he snuck into the school at night and worked on the puzzle until he was able to solve it with ease. Having this advantage, Edward won the puzzle contest and was awarded a puzzle book. Upon recieving the book, Edward completed the book with ease mastering puzzles, mindgame and riddles. He was a very intellgient young man and passed exams and tests with ease, which led to his father doubting him and becoming very jealous. Figuring that Edward was cheating, his father supposedly caught him cheating and beat him repeatedly so he wouldn't lie and stay out of trouble. From the abuse, Edward developed a compulsion, he is known for, constantly telling the truth to prove his innoncence. The abuse led to his obsession with riddles as well as driving him into the life of crime.

When Edward got older, he moved out becoming a carnival performer cheating the carnival goers out of their money with his skills. Feeling he needed something more, he creates the persona, The Riddler, and decides to pick Batman as an adversary in his riddles and games. The Riddler felt Batman was an intelligent and worthy opponent. He started out as a simple informant and criminal profiler for the underworld of Gotham City, as well as for Batman. Over time Riddler became more of a villain to Batman, becoming an adversary to the Dark Knight constantly testing his analytical abilities to the limits.

Later Riddler was diagnosed with brain cancer and cleverly found one of Ra's al Ghuls Lazarus pits and cured himself of his diesease.

The Riddler was first introduced into the DC world in the Detective Comics #140. Riddler has made his apperenaces in a number of comics, for example, The Long Halloween. Riddler appears as a smooth talking informant who was hired by Carmine "The Roman" Falcon in search of who kills the Holiday Killer. Riddler is also seen in Batman: Dark Victory, in which is opponent Batman turned to him to figure out the significance of the lost games of hangman that are left at the scenes of the Hangman killer's crimes.

As you can see the Riddler plays a big role in the Batman comic world using his obsession with riddlers to help where he is needed or a nuisance . Knowing that The Riddler is in Batman: Arkham Asylum, I'm sure we all will be faced with some mind busting riddles through out the game, which I'm absolutely excited about.

Here some fun Trivia about Mr. Edward "The Riddler" Nashton.
  • The Riddler is one of the few rogues that has deduced the true identity of the Batman. However, there is no major concern that the Riddler will leak the information. As Batman explains: "What good is a riddle which everyone knows the answer to?" playing with the Riddler's obsession with riddles and the greatest riddle of all: "Who is Batman?"
  • He often has two female assistants that help him, usually named a combination of Quiz, Query or Echo.
  • The Riddler has a counterpart in the Antimatter Universe called the Quizmaster who is a member of Lex Luthor's Justice Underground.
  • In an episode of the BBC television series Wire in the Blood entitled "Torment", psychologist profiler Tony Hill explains at length the Riddler's obsessive/compulsive nature to a young boy.
  • The Riddler is one of the Batman's few foes who has actually managed to discover his secret identity. Others include Professor Hugo Strange, Ra's al Ghul and Catwoman (although Batman willingly revealed his secret identity to Selina).
  • The Riddler's online screenname is "Wizard101."
*Trivia was used from DC Comics Database, this is not my own writing.*

Thanks for joining me for another Treacherous Tuesday. :-)

See you guys tomorrow when I'll be discussing a female who's real close to Batman, Talia al Ghul.

-Poison Quinn

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