Thursday, August 20, 2009

Batgirl Vol. 3 #1

Good evening my wonderful blog readers. Poison Quinn here to bring you a wonderful review for the new Batgirl comic that has dropped this week. So, I'm a day late and a dollar go on sue me! :)

I wasn't one to follow up on the Batgirl Comics, BUT, since they're starting a new Volume, I figure what the heck? Why not start now. This was definitely a good start to this new series that caused me wanting more after I finished the issue. So, enough of me babbling on with the review.

The issue starts out with some minor trouble makers having a street race in the streets of Gotham City. The usual trash talking is tossed between both men in their cars and the race beginning with the drop of the flag. Here we get a glance at Batgirl making her appearance to bring this deadly race to a halt. We immediately get pulled into some action with Batgirl using her gadgets to stop the race leaving everyone safe and unharmed. Of course this leads to some misunderstanding of who truly won the race and Batgirl stepping in between the two, one pulling out a gun and her quickly disarming the trouble maker.

We see Batman and Robin over looking the scene getting a look at the new Batgirl in action. Soon after, she is revealed to be......Stephanie Brown. Now the only Batgirl I've really read about is Barbara Gordon, so seeing this new chick kind of made me iffy about if she can do the job, right. Let's just say she changed my mind by the time I finished the issue.

We are taken into a flashback of earlier that day with Stephanie awakening to her mother and what look like some cookie shaped waffles, lol. We get a hint at how old Ms. Stephanie is, a freshman in college attending Gotham University. Stephanie and her mother have a converstaion about her living a "normal life" giving info that her mother knows about her nightly duty of protecting Gotham. After their converstation we get a look-see on what Barbara Gordon is doing. Here we see Barbara having a conversation with Dr. Leslie Thompkins, as many of you may know is Batman's personal physician. From the vibe I was getting....seems to me Barbara was avoiding Dr. Leslie but, still made an effort to visit. There conversation involves trying to figure out why Barbara has been MIA along with Barbara's concern with Dr. Leslie's new patient, former teen titan Wendy Harris. Barbara clearly shows she has no further interest in conversation with Dr. Leslie and leaves after small talk with her. Next we see Barbara on a subway train where three fellas looking for trouble enter the scene, not worried, Barbara quickly takes care of them.

Now to the good stuff, as we continue to read folks, Stephanie is in class, of course her mind being else where, to a flashback three weeks previous to now. Spoiler and Batgirl are teaming up to give a few knuckle heads a butt whooping and what the two are talking about. After their battle we see the two of them talking, of course seeing Stephanie is spoiler and Cassandra as Batgirl. Cassandra pretty much gives up the role of batgirl, tired of fighting for Batman. Stephanie only stands there confused as to what to think of the situation, Cassadra is taking off the Batgirl suit and tells Stephanie the fight is hers. And here ladies and gentlemen we are presented with who the new Batgirl is, Stephanie Brown.

Presently, Stephanie is quickly awaken from her little nap at the end of her class and we zoom right into Barbara and Commisioner Gordon having a little luncheon together. Gordon is showing concern for his daughter and her mood as of lately. Thinking that not having a man is the problem he hints at a single guy that works at the precinct. They go back and forth of the situation of whether or not Barbara is really happy.

By this point...I'm on the edge of my sit with so many thoughts running through my head on this new Batgirl as well as Barbara. We transition into Stephanie back in her room listening to the police radio for any crimes she can help stop. Suddenly the Bat signal is glowing in the air, and of course, Stephanie suits up and goes to help out with a situation where more folks look for trouble are holding someone, whats looks to be a detective, at gun point. Batgirl swoops in and gets a battle going on with the criminals defeating them and helping the detective escape. Doing her job, she in and out of there and back home. The next morning Stephanie is preparing for her day with a nice hot shower and getting dressed and heading downstairs. Once in the kitchen, she is not faced with her mother, but, Barbara Gordon ready to have a little word with Stephanie.

And that is where we are left grasping for MORE. At least I am, lol. I found this issue to be a good paced opener to the new series. I liked the art and story was pretty good and steady paced. However, I felt there was so many things going on at once, not that it was confusing, but quite a few trips to flashbacks just to see what was going on leading up to Stephanie walking into the kitchen to see Barbara sitting there. This defintely left me wanting to read more, I'll be awaiting issue #2. I am going to give this issue a 7.5/10. As action packed as it was....I felt there was still something missing.

Thanks for joining in for my first review of Batgirl. Catch you all next time.

-Poison Quinn

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